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In trust and discretion

Jean Elsen & ses Fils s.a.

Expert in coins and medals, gold, public auctions, expertise, buying and selling

Jean Elsen & ses Fils currently organize 4 public auctions during which coins of all ages and countries are proposed : Celtic, Greek and Roman coins, Byzantium, Middle Ages, Latin East, Low Countries, Northern Netherlands, modern coins, banknotes, tokens, medals and orders. You will find below a choice of coins and medals we had the opportunity to offer in auctions with the realised prices.

Collectors of coins will find their happiness on our trays from our stocks on immediate sale :

tetradrachm, drachm, stater, quinarius, celtic coins, aureus, solidus, denarius, antoninianus, sestertius, as, follis, tremissis, Carolingian penny, Bracteat, groat, penny, florin, shield, ducat, teston, écu, mouton, griffon, briquet, chaise, noble, ducaton, patagon, albertin, esterlin, obol, crown from the Low Countries (Brabant, Flandre, Hainaut, Liège, Namur, Luxembourg, Limbourg), Thaler, sovereign, franc...


The collectors or their heirs will receive acute advices from our specialists who will provide their expertise to carry out the best plan to sell all or part of their collection in full confidentiality and discretion.

We offer our competence, our serious guidance and large experience to collectors who wish to start, complete or resell their collection. We carry out expertises in the frame of succession and sharing. We do give also our advice on coins that you own. We give you an answer to your numismatic questions and we will estimate your coins that you want to sell through our public auctions.

Finally we buy, at a best price, ingots and coins in gold which is part of your patrimony. Further more, we offer to persons who want to diversify their assets a great variety of nice gold coins : Krugerrands, pound, 20 francs, 100 and 50 francs Napoleon, vrenelis, 20 dollars Liberty or St Gaudens, 10 dollars, Maple Leaf…

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